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Year of Establishment : 2015

E-mail ID :

The Department of Political Science of Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University is part of the School of Humanities. Established in the year 2015, the Department started with an initial intake capacity of 50students under M.A. Programme. However, the intake capacity was later augmented to 60. Besides offering MA programme, the Department has also introduced M.Phil and PhD programme recently. Further, the Department is also the Nodal body for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Gandhian Studies (PGDGS) as well as the Centre for South East Asian Studies.

As part of the Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University, the Department of Political Science strives to impart knowledge of politics, society and culture, both oriental and occidental. It seeks to engage with the study of politics both at normative and empirical level with an understanding of ancient Indian political values as well as the political developments in modern India and the world. Through its syllabi, the department seeks to inculcate a spirit of nation-building as well as consolidation of democratic values amongst the young minds. The Department regularly organizes academic seminars, lecture programmes, public talks and group discussions on contemporary issues inter alia invited lectures, interactive programmes and other academic extension activities.

The department started its academic journey in 2015 with the two faculty members namely Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sarmah and Mr. Hirokjeet Roy. From the very inception of the department, both the faculty members delivered their service as Course Coordinators for three terms each till Dr. Madan Chandra Boro appointed as HoD of the department in July 2018. Two guest faculty members namely Dr. Abdul Halim, Rtd. Associate Professor and Mr.Jehirul Haque, Rtd. Associate Professor also delivered their service at the initial stage of the department. Along with Dr Madan Chandra Boro, Associate Professor two other faculty members namely Mr. Ankur Jyoti Bhuyan and Dr. Nandita Khakhlary also joined as Assistant Professor in July, 2018. In December, 2022, the department engaged Ms Shubhalakshmi Dehingia as Guest Faculty for the smooth conduction of academic affairs of the department. Presently Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sarmah has been acting as the Head (in Charge) of the department since October, 2022.

The two- year Masters programme offers papers such as Political Theory, Politics in India, Indian Political Thought, International Relations, Comparative Political Analysis, Research Methodology, Public Administration, Foreign Policy, Politics in South Asia, Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Politics of North East India. Apart from this, the programme also contains Value added courses including Functional Sanskrit as well as Political systems of ancient Assam.

The Department started the Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhian Studies (PGDGS) from the Academic year 2019-2020 with intake capacity of 30.Besides making the students familiar with the ideas and philosophies of Gandhi, the PGDGS Programme aims at meaningfully engaging them with society and the process of rural development by collaborating with NGOs and other governmental and non-governmental entities.

The Department started M. Phil Programme from the Academic year 2020-2021 with the enrollment of 3 research Scholars. As per approval of the Academic Council, the Department has also started Ph.D Programme, the admission of which was to be based on KBV-RET (Research Entrance Test). Presently there are 3 PhD and 5 M.Phil Research Scholars in the Department.

CBCS Programme:

The Department has started CBCS structure in the curriculum of MA Programme from the academic session 2021-2023 and the first CBCS batch has completed the course successfully.

Implementation of NEP 2020:

The Department of Political Science is all set to introduce FYUGP (Four Year Under Graduate Programme) in compliance with NEP 2020.

Teachers Profile

Dr. Madan Chandra Boro

Dr. Madan Chandra Boro

Associate Professor (Registrar, i/c))

Contact : 9127022535
Email :

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sarmah

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sarmah

Assistant Professor (Head, i/c)

Mr. Hirokjeet Roy

Mr. Hirokjeet Roy

Assistant Professor

Contact : 9365583963
Email :

Mr. Ankurjyoti Bhuyan

Mr. Ankurjyoti Bhuyan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nandita Khakhlary

Dr. Nandita Khakhlary

Assistant Professor

Contact : 9999508952
Email :

Programme Offered


The Department is equipped with the basic required furniture and stationeries. The Department library has around415 selected books accessible to faculty members and students. Additionally, the students of the department have created a book bank based on donated books by the faculty members and students of the department. The department is also modernized with computers, printer, projector and Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

Political Science Forum

The Political Science Forum was formed in the year 2015 and has been active since its inception. In consultationwith teachers, students organize different events, meetings, talks, debates and prepare periodic wall magazine aswell as hand written magazine. The forum is composed of faculty advisor, president, secretary, treasurer andexecutive members selected/elected by the students themselves. Some regular events organised by the Political Science Forum are-

  1. It organizes annual Teachers’ Day cum Get Together on5thSeptember every year.
  2. It organizes departmental Freshers’ social as well as Farewell Meeting for the outgoing batch in the Month of June.
  3. It organizes academic meet with paper presentation, talks, group discussions, awareness programme etc. on student’s initiative.
  4. It also brings out annual Department Wall Magazine during the Varsity Week.
  5. It brings out department hand-written Magazine.


Faculty Library: Faculty Library has a stock of around 415 books and 10 journals. It was started in 2015 and developed in 2019 aiming to meet the need of the student and support them.

Student Library: The Student Library has as many as around 400 books.It was started in 2015 and improvised in 2019 aiming to meet the need of the students and support them.

Department Library

Faculty Library: Faculty Library has a stock of around 415 books and 10 journals. It was started in 2015 and developed in 2019 aiming to meet the need of the student and support them.

Student Library: The Student Library has as many as around 400 books. It was started in 2015 and improvised in 2019 aiming to meet the need of the students and support them.

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