Our society stands amid bleary lines involving an ever augmenting career related competition as well as erosion of public ethics, morality and integrity. The changing contour of our collective consciousness is an indication of the anxiety that the young generation is embedded in. This necessitates an environment of education that allows the young minds to both prepare for a decent career as well as inculcate the moral values. The Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University, Nalbari is a new academic institution of its kind that strives to deal with both of these aspects. It was established with the primary objective of furtherance of knowledge, both Oriental and Occidental. Notwithstanding the limited material resources, the University is committed to continue its efforts to extract the best of abilities within the students. Further, the University strives to inculcate amongst the young minds, a sense of responsibility to cater to the needs of greater social issues and challenges.

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