Anti Ragging

As per directive received from UGC, it is compulsory for each student and his/her parent/Guardian to submit an online undertaking each academic year at either of the two designated web sites, namely, and
The procedure for filling up the anti-ragging form:
1. Register at
2. Fill in the information as required in the form.
3. On successful completion, the student will receive an Email with his/her reference number, weblink and the Affidavits (both for parents and students) in the email-id provided by the candidate.
4. The student needs to forward the link to the Email address of the Nodal officer of the university and also sign the affidavit and submit to respective departments.

Name of the Nodal Officer : Hirokjeet Roy, Assistant Professor.
Email Id :
Phone No. : 9365583963

 Step by Step Guide on how to fill an online anti-ragging undertaking on

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