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Student's Welfare and Facilities

University Library

The Mahamahopadhyay Dhireswaracharya Library of the University is a repository of rare books, manuscripts, Sanskrit and Shastric collections along with a number of books, journals, magazines and newspapers across Sanskrit, Hindi, English and Assamese Languages. Further, the University has a manuscript repository within the library premise. The library has been catering to the needs of its students, teachers, researchers and other enthusiasts with special emphasis on Sanskrit based Indian knowledge system.


ICT Facilities

The University has provided for Wi-Fi facilities in its academic and administrative blocks as well as the University library. ICT facilities like audio-visual devices including Projector have been provided in the VC’s Conference hall and ICT Classroom cum Seminar Hall in the administrative block. Further, there are two ICT enabled classrooms at the University, whilst all classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled. All the departments have been provided with a departmental desktop and fully functional Wi-Fi facility.


University Hostel

The Sudhalata Duarah Girls’ Hostel of the University provides accommodation to the female students of the University. The hostel is located within the University compound and students are provided accommodation based on their merit and distance from home. The Sudhalata Duarah Girls’ Hostel has a total seat capacity of 147.



Computer Lab

The Computer lab of the Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University is located in the administrative building. It is open for use by the students. A Certificate Course on Computer Application is also offered by the University.


Girls’ Common Room

There is a Girls’ Common room at the University with the basic facilities like wash room, well furnished bed, chairs, mirror, fast-aid kit, sanitary pads etc. It is located in the academic block of the University so that it is easily accessible to the female students of the University.






University Canteen

The University has a canteen at its disposal, the catering service of which is leased out based on a fair process. The University has a committee in place that looks after the issues related to the canteen, monitors the prices related to edible items and ensures hygiene and quality of food served in it.


Sports Facilities

The University has provided for sports facilities including a football playground, a volleyball court, a badminton Court and the necessary equipments. Further, as part of annual varsity festival, the University allows its students to participate in different outdoor sports and games including football, Kabadi, Cricket, Volleyball, Tug of War, Sprints, Badminton, High jump, etc. Sporting equipments are accessible to the students round the year. The Sports Committee looks after the sports related activities and maintains the playground.


Chatra Sansad

Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University has a Student Council and it is committed to ‘Promote mental, moral, physical, cultural and social advancements of the Students’. For the first time in 2016, a Student Council was formed on an ad-hoc basis to conduct Varsity Festival and other student affairs. A full-fledged Student Council was formed in 2017 through democratic election including the portfolios of General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Literary Secretary, Game Secretary, Social Service Secretary, Girls’ Common Room Secretary and Department Representative for each department. In 2019, the post of President was created in the Student Council to strengthen their functional capacity. In 2020, the draft constitution of Student Council has been adopted.


Transportation Facilities

The students and faculty members of the University have been availing the service of an ASTC bus with its fixed route between Nalbari town and the University. Further, the University also has a four wheeler vehicle for dealing with the contingent situations including medical and other emergencies.



Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University (to be referred to as “KBVS&ASU Alumni Association”) was formed on 3 rd May, 2019 and the process of its registration is underway. According to the by-law, the Alumni Association shall function under and according to the provisions of “The Assam Society Registration Act 1860”. The objectives of the Association shall be:
  • To maintain contacts of the Alumni with the alma-mater.

  • To foster cordial relation between the past and the present students of the institution.

  • To keep the alumnis informed of the growth and development of the institution.

  • To give an opportunity to the alumnis to take part in the responsible tasks of building up and maintaining the traditions of the institution.

  • To serve as a forum striving to get a proper blending of the theoretical and practical aspects of the academic life.

  • To institute prizes, scholarships, book banks etc for the students of Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University.

  • To help the passed out students of the University in securing employment consistent with their qualifications.

    Facilities for Divyangan (Differently-abled)

    Being sensitive to the needs of the Divyangan (Differently-abled), the University is committed to make them comfortable within the campus. The buildings of the University have ramps and railings at their entry points. There is provision for separate toilet for differently-abled on each floor of the new Academic building. A wheel-chair is available to be used whenever required. There is also the provision of scribes for writing examinations.





    The University website has a Help Desk for any kind of queries or doubts or clarifications. The issues are addressed through email by the concerned authority.



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