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Capability Enhancement Schemes

Sl.No Name of the Scheme Programmes Organised under the Scheme Upcoming Programmes under the Schemes (2020-2021)
1. Guidance for competitive examinations Pre-examination training programme Second Pre-Examination Training Programme

Career Counselling

Awareness Camp on Career Counselling Career Awareness Programme

Career Awareness Programme


Webinar on Student Community in Higher Education: Wellness Approach & Career Building

3. Soft Skill Development  Certificate Course in Computer Application Certificate Course in Computer Application (Second Year)

Training Programme on Developing Soft Skill

एकदिवसीया संगोष्ठी
विषयः – संस्कृताध्ययनाध्यापने अभिनवप्रयोगाः

Workshop on Information and Communication Technology

Special Lecture Programme on SPSS Workshop on SPSS

Programme on Data Interpretation, Utility and Application


Programme on Communication as Empowerment: Bridging the Gap


Workshop on Translation: Challenges and Prospects

4. Bridge courses

Certificate Course in Communicative Sanskrit

Three month Certificate Course (8th batch)
5. Yoga and Meditation

Certificate course in Yogic Science

One Week Yoga Camp
E-Counseling Programme  on the topic “Mental Health during  
  Two Day National Seminar Cum Workshop

Personal Counselling

COVID-19: Awareness and Co-existence One Day Counselling Programme for Students

Webinar on Life Skill Development and Managing Stress during Covid-19


Training on manuscripts

Workshop on Manuscriptology

Ten Day Workshop on Manuscript

Special Talk Programme on Manuscripts: Understandng the Cultural Heritage of Assam


Workshop on Manuscript Preparation and Script Recognition

8. Spoken Sanskrit Classes


9. Training on Vedic Recitation

Workshop on Sasvaravedapatha

One Week Workshop on Sasvaravedapatha

Certificate Course in Sasvaravedapath


Training on Karma-Kanda

Certificate Course in Karmakanda Prasikshanam Workshop on Karma kanda