Emblem and Motto

  The Executive Council of the University in its meeting on 11-02-2013, has approved the Emblem of the University wherein the motto "SARASVATI SRUTIMAHATAM MAHIYATAM" (May the sayings of the wise be glorified) which is a quotation from Kalidasa, is also inscribed.
  The University has adopted a Kalidasean line meaning "may the sayings of the wise be glorified", as its motto. Knowledge is an eternal entity and dissemination of knowledge is what a university stands for. The motto is inscribed on a wrapped sheet of paper at the midle of the emblem. The quill used as writing pen even till a few decades ago and the two buring earthen lights indicate the process of learning, which is as pure and bright as the sun, inscribed at the centre. The five concentric circles be taken to suggest that knowledge/ learning can had of with the five organs, both sensory as well as congitive. Moreover the shade of saffron colour spreading towards the circumference is an indication that knowledge is meant for expansion with no boundary at all, the fact applicable in regard to the purpose of a University.